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WKKF Community leadership network

The challenge: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation was set to launch its new fellowship program in 2013. Within six months, the fellowship needed a name, brand, messaging and marketing campaign to immediately recruit Class 1 applicants.

The approach: As agency lead, Melissa developed the communications strategy and messaging, oversaw brand development with designers and supervised implementation of all aspects an integrated marketing campaign for the WKKF Community Leadership Network.

How we know it worked:

  • Media outreach resulted in 115 media placements, including an op-ed on Huffington Post Impact and articles in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Chronicle of Social Change and Reuters.

  • The launch video leveraged at the announcement and in digital outreach and advertising has over 2,000 views.

  • Digital advertising generated more than 2,000 qualified candidates for the 120 Class 1 fellowship spots, with program team members crediting the effort with introducing new community leaders to the foundation.