The 25th Hour of the Day

The 25th Hour of the Day

You’ve heard it before. The life of an entrepreneur is a vortex of chaos and extreme multi tasking.

New challenges dawn each day. A blog feed address needs to change since it’s still not working. A liquor license is stalled in a seemingly infinite approval process. The electric company is digging up the sidewalk in front of the new storefront two days before the soft opening. There’s an unexpected opportunity that absolutely MUST be explored, but with absolutely NO time to do so.

Most hard-working people feel the pressure to multi task, but entrepreneurs have to bend time. They have to fit the scenarios above into the cracks of their lives.

In between getting the kids to school.

After they get the dog to the vet.

On their lunch hour during their day and/or night job—the work that’s paying the bills.

Late at night, when everyone else is finally asleep…and the laundry’s finally done…and the notifications have died down…and it’s finally quiet enough to think.

Every business owner we know is trying to make magic in the 25th hour of their day.

Business ownership is isolating. At first—and sometimes for a long time—there’s an idea alone. We’re head down, forging away at the day-to-day, well aware of the gaps and endless list of to-dos. Self care feels perpetually unattainable.

A small business needs help to thrive and grow. And, that help needs to be an arm’s length away, because really, that’s as far as we can reach for a while.

Mentors, collaborators, and trusted tribe members can serve as that elusive 25th hour.

They have our backs. They practice every day radical generosity when they:

  • Make an introduction

  • Recommend a resource

  • Teach a new skill

  • Share their precious time

That’s why we feel especially fortunate to be evolving and growing our business here in the midst of an incredible network of business support. In Detroit, there is so much tangible proof of belief in each other. This business community is a cooperative. It’s the opposite of cutthroat. And, it’s key to the region’s future prosperity.

“Culture changes horizontally. Person to person.” - Seth Godin

In the past year, we experimented with several ways of working, including putting a design-forward lens on every project. We also embarked on strategic positioning engagements—where a client wanted to be more clear about who they were in the landscape in which they operate. This often meant doing a deep dive into the perceptions of constituencies. And we used both business strategy and design thinking toolkits to create meaning and resonance for clients. Increasingly, we are hearing that clients need a few new things from us, namely digestible insights, impact pathways, and inclusive narratives informed by their communities. If those sound like your needs, let’s talk.

Essential Ingredients for Your Strategic Narrative

Essential Ingredients for Your Strategic Narrative