The challenge: Make It Work needed to find a way to make its brand and voice better resonate with its core audiences (Black and Latina women, dads with young children), engaging them around economic security issues in a way that felt real and relevant, not dry and policy-heavy.

The approach: As a campaign staff member, Becca employed a variety of tactics - from collaborations with comedy writers to market research - and evolved Make It Work’s visual brand and the campaign's voice into a cohesive package that worked.

How we know it worked: 

  • In 2016 alone, Make It Work social media content was viewed more than 29 million times, averaging more than 85,000 impressions and reaching close to 71,000 users daily.

  • In that time, users engaged with the campaign's content more than 450,000 times on social media.

  • Campaign videos were watched close to 5 million times, and video ads were down to as low as 1 cent per view for target audiences.

  • Make It Work content was shared by influencers who mattered to our target audiences, from journalists and elected officials to celebrities like Shonda Rhimes - solidifying Make It Work’s position as a trusted (and popular) messenger.

  • In Make It Work’s first 2.5 years, the campaign received over 200 press hits in national outlets, ranging from The New York Times, Time and the Washington Post to outlets like Cosmopolitan, BET, GQ and Refinery29.

  • Campaign staff were regularly called on by the media to provide expert commentary on economic security issues.

  • Make It Work was widely credited for using creative content and advocacy to move child care from a non-issue into the political spotlight during the 2016 presidential election. For the first time, both party frontrunners released child care policy proposals, and Make It Work’s own child care policy proposal — initially criticized as too bold and ambitious — was embraced and touted by candidate Hillary Clinton.


Print Examples:

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