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We're a woman-owned strategic consultancy working alongside partners to develop powerful solutions for the greater social good.

EarlyWorks because

Our thoughtful approach to accelerate change and achieve big wins has delivered award-winning results for clients.  Tough problems and challenging odds are our sweet spot.


We are people-focused because honest change requires everyone having a seat at the table and a voice in the discussion from the start. We look. We listen. We learn. Co-created visions turn ideas into real results.


To solve today’s complex challenges, we find new, inventive solutions. We test assumptions. We disrupt the status quo. Change is hard and messy. And that’s precisely why we find it so exciting.

Doing the Work Works.

We are navigators to chart the course, organizers who understand the field, translators to tell your story and mobilizers to ignite the plan.

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Our Team

We're a woman-owned strategic consultancy working alongside partners to develop powerful solutions in the context of a changing world.


I’ve collaborated with Nicole and other EarlyWorks team members on many projects. I’m always impressed that, in addition to producing high-quality and timely work, they consistently raise strategies and ideas that we wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

— Melissa J. Smiley, PhD, Special Assistant and Strategy Officer
   Office of the President, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

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Our Services

We help our clients make plans and mobilize people to advance their broader missions and achieve specific goals.

Nicole de Beaufort is one of the most creative, successful problem solvers and information gatherers with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work.

— Jodi Goldberg, Partnership Co-Director, Carmen Schools of Science and Technology

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Our Work

We've devoted our passion and skills to a variety of successful projects.